E52-TTL-50 ( AX5043, 2.0km, UART, 313~325.6MHz, 7~17dBm, 1.2k~70kbps, SMA-K ) Wireless Module


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Detail about E52-TTL-50 Wireless Module

E52-TTL-50 is a 17dBm wireless transceiver module. The outstanding advantages of narrow-band transmission is more concentrated power density, longer transmission distance, better anti-interference performance.


  • IC : AX5043
  • Frequency : 313~325.6MHz
  • Power : 7~17dBm
  • Distance : 2.0km
  • Interface : UART

RF Parameter Value
Working frequency
313~325.6 MHz

Default:  315MHz

Transmitting power 7~17 dBm

Default:  17dBm(About 50mW)

Receiving sensitivity -126 dBm

Air data rate: 1.2kbps

Air data rate 1.2k~70kbps

Default: 1.2kbps

Test distance 2000m

In open and clear air, with maximum power, 5dBi antenna gain, height of 2m,

air data rate: 1.2kbps

Hardware Parameter Value


21 * 36 mm

Without SMA

Antenna type



Communication interface


Baud rate: 1200~115200, default: 9600





512  bytes buffer

Automatically sub-packaging with 43 bytes per package

Electronic parameter Min. Typ. Max. Unit Condition
Power supply
2.3 3.3 5.2 V
Communication level 2.5 3.3 3.6 V
Transmitting current
59 64 70 mA 17dBm(50mW)
Receiving current
11 12 mA
Sleep current
4 5 μA
Operating temperature
-40 20
Operating humidity
10 60
90 %
Storage temperature
-40 20

E32 (433T20DC)

Pin No.
Pin Item Pin Direction Pin Application
1 M0
(weak pull-up)
    Work with M1 & decide the four operating modes. Floating is not allowed, can be ground.
2 M1 Input
(weak pull-up)
    Work with M0 & decide the four operating modes. Floating is not allowed, can be ground.
3 RXD Input     TTL UART inputs, connects to external TXD (MCU, PC) output pin.
    Can be configured as open-drain or pull-up input
4 TXD Output

    TTL UART outputs, connects to external RXD (MCU, PC) input pin.
    Can be configured as open-drain or push-pull output

5 AUX Output

    To indicate module's working status & wakes up the external MCU. During the procedure of

    self-check initialization, the pin outputs low level. Can be configured as open-drain output or

    push-pull output (floating is allowed).

6 VCC Input     Power supply 2.1V-5.5V DC
7 GND Input     Ground
8 Fixing hole     Fixing hole
9 Fixing hole     Fixing hole
10 Fixing hole     Fixing hole





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