LM75A High-speed Temperature Sensor Module


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          LM75A is a high-speed I2C interface, temperature sensor,inthe temperature range -55 ? ~ + 125 ? The temperature was directly converted to digital signals,and to achieve the accuracy of 0.125 ?.MCU can be read directly via I2C bus data in its internal registers,and through I2C to four data registers operates to set different operating modes.LM75A has three selectable logic address pins,making it possible to connect eight devices without address conflict on the same bus.


          I2C bus interface, the device address 7 slave address 1001xxx,

          can expand outside eight devices on the same bus;

          Power range: 2.8V ~ 5.5V, temperature range: -55 ? ~ + 125 ?

          11 ADC provides a temperature resolution of 0.125 ?;

          Temperature accuracy:   ± 2 ? (-25 ? ~ 100 ?) ± 3 ? (-55 ? ~ 125 ?)

          Programmable temperature threshold and hysteresis set points;

          In order to reduce power consumption, the current consumption in shutdown mode is only 1.0µA;

          On power-up the device can be used as a stand-alone temperature controllers;

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