1602 16X2 Character LCD Display HD44780 Module


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Detail about HD44780 LCD Display Module

Hitachi HD44780 LCD controller is one of the most common dot matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) display controllers available. Hitachi developed the microcontroller specifically to drive alphanumeric LCD display with a simple interface that could be connected to a general purpose microcontroller or microprocessor. Many manufacturers of displays integrated the controller with their product making it the informal standard for this type of display. The device can display ASCII characters, Japanese Kana characters.


  • Backlight Color : Blue Backlight
  • Wide viewing angle and high contrast
  • Chip : HD44780
  • LCM Type : Characters
  • Line and Characters : 2-Lines X 16-Characters
  • DC Input : Operate with 5V DC
  • Module Dimension : Approx. 80mm x 35mm x 9mm
  • Viewing Area Size : Approx. 64.5mm x 16mm

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