4 Bits TM1637 LED Digital Clock Tube Display Module


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TM1637 is a chip for driving 7-segment displays. There are several modules using this chip to form a 4 digit numerical display module. TM1637 has also keyboard input capability, but is not used in this module. The Arduino Interface library is also available at github. The module is a 12-foot clock with 4 points of positive digital (0.36 inches) display module driver IC TM1637, only two signal lines can make SCM four 8-segment LED. 


  • Display device is 4bit red word common anode tube
  • Digital tube 8 grey level is adjustable
  • The control interface electrical level is 5V or 3.3V
  • 4pcs M2 screw location hole, hole size is 2.2mm
  • Easy to install
  • Ease to use.
  • Ease of multiplexing.
  • Can use as a 4 digit display unit.
  • Can use as a clock display.
  • Control interface:
  • GND--ground
  • VCC--power supply
  • DIO--data input and output
  • CLK--clock signal feet


  • Supply voltage DC 3.3V(mini),DC5V (typical), DC5.5V(max)
  • Current (@ 5 v): 30mA(typical), 80mA(max)
  • Size: 42mm*24mm*12mm
  • Net weight: 8g

Pin Map

  • Control Interface : A total of four pins (GND, VCC, DIO, CLK), GND to ground , VCC is the power supply , DIO of data input and output pin , CLK is the clock signal pin ;
  • Digital tube: 4 common anode score points with 0.36 inches LED, red highlights ;
  • Positioning holes : 4 M2 screws positioning hole diameter is 2.2mm, the positioning of the module is easy to install


  • DIY clock project.
  • 4 digit display unit.
  • Electrical/Electronic projects.
  • Counter project using 7 segment display.


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4 Bits TM1637 LED Digital Clock Tube Display Module

4 Bits TM1637 LED Digital Clock Tube Display Module

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