USB Saleae 24MHz 8 Channel Logic Analyzer


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The logic analyzer supports both: SALEAE and USBEE AX (only the logic part) Switch software. USB Saleae 24M 8CH logic analyzer, interface with a buffer to protect chip. This is USB Saleae 24M 8CH 24MHz 8Channel logic analyzer latest support 1.1.15


  • Sampling rate up to: 24 MHz
  • The logic for each channel sampling rate of 24M / s. General applications around 10M, enough to cope with a variety of occasions.
  • 8-channel
  • Logic eight inputs - can be collected at the same time they signal analysis, such as I2C, UART, sampling and analysis.
  • 10 billion samples
  • The logic can sample up to 100 100 million everything, so you capture even the most elusive events.
  • Voltage range
  • 0.8V logic: 5V voltage, to accept the 5.25 V standard CMOS threshold logic low. 2.0 V logic high. The input impedance is approximately 1 MΩ to see more specifications (10 pF)
  • Protection
  • The input resistance of the over-voltage protection of the protection logic conditions, and the buffer chip. Better protect the safety of equipment. 


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USB Saleae 24MHz 8 Channel Logic Analyzer

USB Saleae 24MHz 8 Channel Logic Analyzer

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