4.3inch 480x272 Touch LCD (B)


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4.3 inch 480*272 DOTS Multicolor Graphic LCD, with touch screen and stand-alone touch controller

Key Parameters

LCD Interface 24-bit parallel
Touch Screen Interface 4 wires resistive
Backlight LED
Response Time (ms) 30
Contrast 500 : 1
Brightness (cd/m) 280
Display Size (mm) 95.04 (W) × 53.86 (H)
Dot Pitch (mm) 0.006 (W) × 0.198 (H)
Colors 16,777,216
Aspect Ratio 16 : 9
Resolution 480 * 272 (Pixel)
Power Consumption 56mW
Backlight Current 20mA
Operating Temp. (℃) -20 ~ +70


PORT3 Definition

1 IRQ Touch screen interrupt output Low level while the touch screen detects pressing
2 5V 5V power supply input 5V power supply
3 MOSI Touch screen SPI data input input Connects to SPI MOSI
4 MISO Touch screen SPI data output output Connects to SPI MISO
5 SCK Touch screen SPI clock input Connects to SPI SCK
6 SSEL Touch screen chip select input Low active
7 PWM Backlight brightness adjustment input Control the backlight brightness via PWM
8 GND Ground input GND
9 BUSY Touch screen busy output  
10 NC      
11 R0 Data pin input Red data
12 R1
13 R2
14 R3
15 R4
16 R5
17 R6
18 R7
19 G0 Data pin input Green data
20 G1
21 G2
22 G3
23 G4
24 G5
25 G6
26 G7
27 B0 Data pin input Blue data
28 B1
29 B2
30 B3
31 B4
32 B5
33 B6
34 B7
35 DCLK LCD clock input LCD clock signal
36 DSIP NC    
37 HSYNC Horizontal Synchronization input Horizontal synchronous signal input
38 VSYNC Vertical Synchronization input Vertical synchronous signal input
39 DE Control mode selection input DE = 0 : SYNC mode
DE = 1 : DE mode
40 GND Ground input GND


Development resources:datasheets, etc.

Wiki: www.waveshare.com/wiki/4.3inch_480x272_Touch_LCD_(B)

External Dimension

4.3inch-480x272-Touch-LCD-B external dimension

Selection Guide

PartNumberTouch Panel TypeResolutionLCD Data InterfaceTouch ControllerFor Use With
4.3inch 480x272 Touch LCD (A) Resistive 480x272 24PIN RGB None MCU with LCD controller and ADC
4.3inch 480x272 Touch LCD (B) Resistive 480x272 24PIN RGB XPT2046 MCU with LCD controller, without ADC


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4.3inch 480x272 Touch LCD (B)

4.3inch 480x272 Touch LCD (B)

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