LCD1602 (3.3V Blue Backlight)


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16 Characters * 2 Lines, Character LCD module, White Character, Blue Backlight, 3.3V For Logic Circuit


Display construction 16 Characters * 2 Lines
Display mode TN/STN
Display type Positive Transflective
Backlight LED(B/5.0V)
Viewing direction 6 o'clock
Operating temperature Indoor
Driving voltage Single power
Driving method 1/16 duty,1/5 bias
Type COB (Chip On Board)
Number of data line 8-bit parallel
Connector Pin / ZEBRA

Key Parameters

Driver IC SPLC780D (compatible with HD44780)
Interface Parallel
Backlight Blue
Character Color White
Character Set ASCII
Dimension 80 * 36 * 11



1 VSS Ground 0V (GND)
2 VCC Power Supply For Logic Circuit +3.3V
3 V0 LCD Contrast Adjustment Recommends 10K Potentiometer
between V0 and GND
4 RS Instruction/Data Register Selection RS = 0 : Instruction Register
RS = 1 : Data Register
5 R/W Read/Write Selection R/W = 0 : Register Write
R/W = 1 : Register Read
6 E Enable Signal Active when High-level turns to Low-level
7 D0 Data Input/Output Lines 8 BIT: D0-D7
8 D1
9 D2
10 D3
11 D4
12 D5
13 D6
14 D7
15 A Supply Voltage For LED+ +3.3V
16 K Supply Voltage For LED- 0V (GND)

External Dimension

LCD1602 external dimension

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LCD1602 (3.3V Blue Backlight)

LCD1602 (3.3V Blue Backlight)

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