STK128+ Standard, AVR Development Board


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Development Board Designed for ATmega128, With 1 piece of ATmega128 Device Board


The STK128+ is a complete, cost-effective development board for the ATmega128. It is designed to give designers a quick start to develop code on ATmega128 MCU and makes them develope prototype device easily.

The ATmega128 chip is mounted on a device board, which can be separated from the mother board. Hence, easily changing MCU is supported. The ATmega128 chip is in TQFP64 package and will randomly be ATmega128-16AU or ATmega128L-8AU or ATmega128A-AU.

The STK128+ Standard package comes with an ATmega128 device board, while the STK128+ Premium package comes with the standard package, an additional spare ATmega128 device board, and an Experiment Fittings Pack.

What's On Board



  • Power
    • Powered from external 5V power supply
    • Jumper for configuring voltage level to be applied, 5V/3.3V
  • Onboard Chips
    • ATmega128 (TQFP64), MCU, mounted on the device board
    • AMS1117-3.3, on board regulator
    • MAX3232, True RS232 Transceivers
  • Interfaces
    • Two RS232 connector for UART0 and UART1, DB9 standard
      • Guaranteed to operate under 3V level supply thanks to the MAX3232
      • UART0 and UART1 jumpers, short the jumper to connect UART to AVR MCU, open the jumper to vacate the I/O ports.
    • 6-pin / 10-pin ISP port
    • JTAG port
  • Human to Machine Interface
    • RESET button, used to reset the MCU
    • Power indicator LED
    • 8 surface mounted LEDs, can be used as I/O status indicator
    • 8 Push-buttons, for analog input
  • Other Features
    • Crystal configurable, there is a jumper for selecting on board 7.3728M crystal or external crystal mounted via the socket
    • All the MCU pins are accessible on expansion connectors for further expansion
    • All the pins are marked on the board. These marks describe the function of each pin
    • Compatible with several AVR MCUs:
      • Fully compatible with: ATmega64/ATmega128
      • Partly compatible with: ATmega1281/ATmega2561, AT90CAN32/AT90CAN64/AT90CAN128

Debugging/Programming Physical Interfaces

The STK128+ houses JTAG and ISP headers for connecting a debugger or programmer. The header pinouts are shown in the figures below.


JTAG header pinout
Figure 1. JTAG header pinout
pinouts for 10-pin ISP Connector
Figure 2. 10-pin ISP header pinout
pinouts for 6-pin ISP Connector
Figure 3. 6-pin ISP header pinout


Development Resources

  • User Guide CD
    • CD with software, drivers and examples
  • Schematic Circuit Diagram
    • Designed by using Protel
    • Provides IMG format or Protel SchDoc format
  • Program Examples
    • Designed by using ICCAVR, GCCAVR
    • Provides C library for AVR
  • Related Software
    • AVRStudio
    • GCCAVR
  • Datasheets of the chips


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STK128+ Standard, AVR Development Board

STK128+ Standard, AVR Development Board

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