Keyes 44E402 Magnetic Hall Switch Sensor


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Detail 44E402 Magnetic Hall Switch Sensor

These Hall-effect switches are monolithic integrated circuits with tighter magnetic specifications, designed to operate continuously over extended temperatures to +150°C, and are more stable with both temperature and supply voltage changes. The unipolar switching characteristic makes these devices ideal for use with a simple bar or rod magnet. The four basic devices (3141, 3142, 3143, and 3144) are identical except for magnetic switch points.

Each device includes a voltage regulator for operation with supply voltages of 4.5 to 24 volts, reverse battery protection diode, quadratic Hall-voltage generator, temperature compensation circuitry, small- signal amplifier, Schmitt trigger, and an open-collector output to sink up to 25 mA. With suitable output pull up, they can be used with bipolar or CMOS logic circuits. The A3141– and A3142– are im- proved replacements for the UGN/UGS3140–; the A3144– is the improved replacement for the UGN/UGS3120–.

The first character of the part number suffix determines the device operating temperature range. Suffix ‘E–’ is for the automotive and industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. Suffix ‘L–’ is for the automotive and military temperature range of -40°C to +150°C. Three package styles provide a magnetically optimized package for most applications. Suffix ‘–LT’ is a miniature SOT89/TO-243AA transistor package for surface-mount applications; suffix ‘–UA’ is a three-lead ultra-mini-SIP.


  • Brand : Keyes
  • Model : KY-003
  • Compatibility: Arduino
  • Color: Black 
  • Material: FR4
  • Operating Voltage: 5v DC
  • Supply Voltage, VCC : 28 V 
  • Reverse Battery Voltage, VRCC : -35 V 
  • Magnetic Flux Density, B : Unlimited 
  • Output OFF Voltage, VOUT : 28 V 
  • Reverse Output Voltage, VOUT : -0.5 V 
  • Continuous Output Current, IOUT : 25 mA 
  • Operating Temperature Range, TA : Suffix ‘E–’ : -40°C to +85°C : Suffix ‘L–’ : -40°C to +150°C 
  • Storage Temperature Range, TS : -65°C to +170°C
  • Material: PCB
  • Length: 19mm
  • Width: 15mm 


  •  Superior Temp. Stability for Automotive or Industrial Applications 
  •  4.5 V to 24 V Operation ... Needs Only An Unregulated Supply
  •  Open-Collector 25 mA Output ... Compatible with Digital Logic
  •  Reverse Battery Protection
  •  Activate with Small, Commercially Available Permanent Magnets 
  •  Solid-State Reliability
  •  Small Size
  •  Resistant to Physical Stress

Pin Map

  • S    : Analog Output
  • Mid : Supply ( 5V )
  •   -   : Ground

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Keyes 44E402 Magnetic Hall Switch Sensor

Keyes 44E402 Magnetic Hall Switch Sensor

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