MMA7660 Digital Acceleration Module


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Freescale Semiconductor MMA7660FC is a low- gravity l2C digital triaxial capacitive accelerometer , when the sampling rate of 1 per second while consuming only 47 uA. It uses very small 3x3x0. 9mm DFN package. MMA7660FC accelerometer integrates a number of smart features low power consumption to meet the requirements of portable consumer electronics devices . The device can output digital values at a user-configured rate , proportional to the current and power consumption savings . MMA7660FC accelerometer an interrupt pin (INT) pass. Can provide sensor data changes , product orientation , and gesture recognition , such as interrupts. With l2C, MMA7660FC directly with the main system processor interface for flexible communication. MMA7660 is range -1.5g ~ 1.5g acceleration XYZ axis size to receive the output from the digital IIC, a very low power consumption, small description of the MEMS sensor has a low -pass filter , and the gain error for 0g compensation, and converted into a user -configurable value 6 . Analog voltage is 2.4-3.6V, digital operating voltage 1.71-3.6V, three- axis orientation can be detected / movement, widely used in mobile phones , PDA, portable PC 's security , the game's motion detection , etc. Because relatively low-end MMA7660 therefore only 6BIT precision , but also has three error output value scale , thus the output values, the process must be of a software filter means . Generally, the position detector is applied only if the sensor , then the value of the filter 8 is enough . And for motion detection , the general use of 32 -order mean filter . Using MMA7660 the IIC interface. When reading the XYZ coordinates , the best use is Multiple Byte Read manner , so as to ensure the XYZ coordinate is the result of the same three samples . If the read separately , it is possible to read the data from different groups of samples. MMA7660 a capacitive g- sensor. G-sensor capacitor manufacturers mostly Europe, which is a technique to make the surface of the comb-like structure of the wafer, when a movement, detected by a differential capacitance to determine the amount of deformation, anti-Release acceleration value. Unlike the piezoresistive and capacitive in the same structure is difficult to simultaneously sense the change of the three axes (X, Y, Z), and are usually X, Y and Z separately, and (which is why, when the board horizontally, in any case change X, Y location, the interrupt will not be generated, because then it can only detect a change in Z- axis, X, Y, it can not detect the change only when we board to detect X, Y changes) the inclination angle while a piezoresistive structure changes can be sensed with the three axes.


  • ± 1.5g axis digital accelerometer with II2C
  • Small 3 x 3 x 0.9 mm DFN package
  • Low current consumption.
  • Off mode: 0.4mA.
  • Standby mode: 2MA.
  • Active mode: sampling rate of one per second when 47 n A.
  • Configurable data output rate: 1-120 samples / sec.
  • Can be configured to automatically wake / sleep function to automatically reduce power consumption.
  • Low voltage operation: 2.4V-3.6V.
  • Digital I / O, (including l2C}, 1.71V-3.6V
  • Tilt direction can be configured for landscape / portrait recognition recognition
  • Tap vibration detection and detection
  • Reliable design, high shock resistance (up to 10,000 g) 


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MMA7660 Digital Acceleration Module

MMA7660 Digital Acceleration Module

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