NE555 Pulse Frequency Adjustable Square Wave Generator Module


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Detail about Generator Module 

This module is use as a square-wave signal generator, generate square wave signals used for experimental development. To generate square wave signal driving stepping motor drive. Adjustable pulses generated for use by the MCU. Adjustable pulse control related circuits.


  • Is used as a square wave signal generator generates a square wave signal for experimental development use.
  • Drives the stepping motor for generating a square wave drive signal.
  • Adjustable pulse generated for MCU to use.
  • Adjustable pulse generating control-related circuit.
  • Size : 3.1CM * 2.2CM
  • The main chip : NE555
  • Input voltage : 5V-15VDC. When 5V supply.
  • The output current can be at around 15MA, When the 12V supply.
  • The output current can be about 35MA.
  • The input current : ≥ 100MA
  • The output amplitude :. 4.2V V-PP to 11.4V V-PP ( different depending on the input voltage , the output amplitude will be different )
  • The maximum output current : ≥ 15MA (5V power supply , V-PP greater than 50%), ≥ 35MA (12V power supply , V-PP greater than 50% )
  • The output with LED indication , there is no output straightforward ( low level LED volume, high LED off frequency is relatively low LED flashes ).
  • The output frequency range of grades available, the output frequency more continuously adjustable. 

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