PAM8403 Digital Class D Power Amplifier Module


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Excellent noise suppression, in the absence of circumstances connected to input audio ear close to the speaker can not hear any noise, two-channel stereo, 5V power supply can output 3W 3W power, can directly drive 4Ω, 8Ω small speakers, the output power large, full of energy, good sound quality. The unique non-LC filter Class-D digital power board can be directly used computer USB power supply. Double panel wiring, wiring properly resolve the ground potential caused by balance and inter-channel crosstalk, ultra- miniature design, can easily be placed in a variety of digital products within a small space, high amplification efficiency. All using the whole plate welding machine, welding quality comparable non-manual soldering iron!

! ! Note: The left and right channel output of the "negative" and can not be connected together, otherwise it will burn IC, and should be preceded powered speakers connected (load).


  • Model: PAM8403
  • Input voltage: 2.5-5V (can't be more than 5.5V, otherwise it will burn the ICs on board)
  • It could work with 4 Ohm and 8 ohmSpeaker.
  • Output power: 2 channels * 3W
  • Ultrafine size: 1.85 * 2.11cm 


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PAM8403 Digital Class D Power Amplifier Module

PAM8403 Digital Class D Power Amplifier Module

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