RDA5807M Studio FM Module


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The RDA5807M series is the newest generation single-chip broadcast FM stereo radio tuner with fully integrated synthesizer, IF selectivity, RDS/RBDS and MPX decoder. The tuner uses the CMOS process, support multi-interface and require the least external component. All these make it very suitable for portable devices.

The RDA5807M series has a powerful low-IF digital audio processor, this make it have optimum sound quality with varying reception conditions.
The RDA5807M series support frequency range is from 50MHz to 115MHz.


  • Using 102 BC module encapsulation, users can directly replace use, without changing the circuit design.
  • High sensitivity, low noise, strong anti-jamming capability, few external components, small size (11 * 11.2 MM Max), extremely easy to use.
  • 76-108 MHz global FM frequencies is compatible with 76-91 MHz (including Japan and Europe and the United States 87.5 108.5 MHz).
  • I2C serial data bus interface communication, and support external reference clock input mode.
  • Fully integrated COMS setup process single chip integrated circuits, with low power consumption.
  • Built-in high precision A/D (ADC) and digital frequency synthesizer.
  • Built-in "adjustment, low power consumption, super wide voltage range (2.7 3.6 VDC).
  • Built-in noise elimination, soft mute, bass boost circuit design.
  • The 32 Ω load of high power audio output, headphones to link directly, without an external audio driver amplifier.
  • • Application is simple, low cost, high cost performance. 


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RDA5807M Studio FM Module

RDA5807M Studio FM Module

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