5V LED Traffic Light Display Module


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This is a mini-traffic light display module, high brightness, very suitable for the production of traffic light system model.


1>. Small size.
2>. Simple wiring.
3>. Targeted.
4>. Custom installation.


No. Parameter Value
1 Size 56*21*11mm
2 Color Red, Yellow, Green
3 LED 5mm
4 Brightness Ordinary brightness
5 Voltage 5V
6 Input Digital signal output
7 Interface Common cathode, red and yellow green control Individually
8 Operating current Red 13mA; Yellow 13mA; Green 25mA

Use Manual

1>. It just support controller to contorl;
2>. Input High or Low level from controller to make LEDs ON or OFF.
3>. It can be controlled by PWM,too.


1>. Analog traffic signal system
2>. Teaching demonstration
3>. Indication sign
4>. Light alarm system


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5V LED Traffic Light Display Module

5V LED Traffic Light Display Module

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