2.4-GHz IEEE802.15.4 ZigBee Module


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The CC2530PA-A1 RF Module is a low-power, highly integrated 2.4-GHz transceiver that suitable for systems targeting compliance with worldwide radio-frequency. It’s a true system-on-chip solution for 2.4-GHz IEEE802.15.4, ZigBee and RF4CE applications. The Module is integrated power amplifier.   
What is zigbee?
Ans: ZigBee is an IEEE 802.15.4-based specification for a suite of high-level communication protocols used to create personal area networks with small, low-power digital radios.


  • Power supply voltage: 3.0-3.6V
  • The emission current of:36 -40mA
  • The receiving current: 25 -27mA
  • Dormancy current: 1uA
  • Operating frequency: 2.405-2.485GHz
  • Power: 3.8 -4.2dBm
  • Receiving sensitivity: -97dBm
  • Wireless transmission rate: 250Kbps
  • Operating temperature: -30-80oC
  • Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 4 mm


  • l Bluetooth low energy technology Compatible
  • l Excellent Link Budget (up to 97 dB),
  • l Enabling Long-Range Applications
  • l Accurate Digital RSSI                                    
  • l Compliance With FCC & CE standard
  • l High-Performance and Low-Power 8051 MCU core
  • l Battery Monitor and Temperature Sensor
  • l Sample Applications and Profiles
  • l Full-Speed USB Interface
  • l AES Security Coprocessor


  • 2.4-GHz IEEE802.15.4 compliant RF transceiver 
  • Excellent receiver sensitivity and robustness to interference, receiver sensitivity reach to -104dBm 
  • Programmable output power up to 20dBm 
  • Suitable for systems targeting compliance with worldwide radio-frequency 
  • Accurate digital RSSI/LQI support 
  • data rate: 250kbps 

8051 MCU 

  • Powerful five-channel DMA 
  • 256KB in-system programmable flash 
  • 8KB RAM with retention in all power modes 
  • CSMA/CA hardware support 
  • AES security coprocessor 
  • Battery monitor and temperature sensor 
  • 12-Bit ADC with eight channels and configurable resolution 
  • Two powerful USARTs with support for several serial protocols 
  • IEEE 802.15.4 MAC timer, general-purpose timers (One 16-Bit, Two 8-Bit) 
  • 32-kHz sleep timer with capture 
  • Watchdog timer 
  • 21 general-purpose I/O pins (19× 4 mA, 2×20 mA) 
  • Hardware debug support 


  • 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.4 systems 
  • ZigBee systems (256-KB flash) 
  • Home/Building automation 
  • Lighting systems 
  • Industrial control and monitoring 
  • Low-Power wireless sensor networks
  • Consumer electronics 
  • Health care 


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2.4-GHz IEEE802.15.4 ZigBee Module

2.4-GHz IEEE802.15.4 ZigBee Module

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