100K Ohm NTC 3950 Thermistors


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Detail about Thermistors
Thermistors are one of the most commonly used devices for the measurement of temperature. The thermistors are resistors whose resistance changes with the temperature. While for most of the metals the resistance increases with temperature, the thermistors respond negatively to the temperature and their resistance decreases with the increase in temperature. Since the resistance of thermistors is dependent on the temperature, they can be connected in the electrical circuit to measure the temperature of the body.
  • Head diameter: 2.0mm
  • Resistance: 100Kohm + / -1%B 
  • Value: 3950 + / -1%
  • Accuracy: + / -1% 
  • Lead Length: 32 + /-5mm
  • Operating temperature range:-50~+260°C
  • Thermal time constant (t): t=10 - 17 s ( in still air)
  • Thermal dissipation constant (d): d=1.1 - 1.6mW/°C ( in still air)
  • Operating temperature range:-50~+260°C
  • Insulation resistance 50MO or over by DC500V megge (between glass and lead wire)

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