SCT-013-000 100A Non-invasive Split Core for AC Current Sensing


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Detail about AC Current Sensing
Split-Core Current Transformers (CTs) are designed for applications where it is difficult or uneconomical to open the primary conductor to install a solid-core-type current transformer. The split-core design by hexagonal or rectangular shape. This allows the core to be opened to the nominal window diameter. CTs may be installed over bushings or over cables and are held in place with cable ties. The CT is encapsulated in a flexible vinyl plastic with high insulation. 
  • Input current    : 0-100A
  • Output type : 0 ~ 50mA
  • Mechanical strength: the number of switching is not less than 1000 times(test at 25°C) 
  • Core material: ferrite
  • Openning size: 13mm*13mm
  •  Non-Linearity ±3% (10%—120% of rated input current) 
  • 1m leading wire standard 
  • Φ3.5 three core plug output
  • Current output type 
  • Rated input current:5A/100A 
  • RoHS
  • Safty index:Dielectric strength(between shell and output)1000V AC/1min
  • Fire resistance property: In accordance with UL94-Vo
  • Work temperature: -25°C~+70°C


  • Used for current measurement, monitor and protection for AC motor, lighting equipment, air compressor etc

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