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The Photo Resistor Module is used to indicate the presence or absence of light. The module can also be used to measure light intensity. This module allows for easy sensing of light levels from within your Arduino controller. Photo-resistor in our daily lives but also be able to see, is mainly used in smart switch, giving our students Live brings some convenience, but, in our daily electronic design will also be used. Then in order to make better use,We have the appropriate module, easy to use, and efficient.


  • Brand : Keyes
  • Model : KY-018
  • Operating voltage: DC 5 V 
  • Compatibility: Arduino
  • Color: Black 
  • Material: FR4
  • Length: 26mm
  • Width: 5mm

Main Features: 

● Dark current, dark resistance: Photosensitive resistance at a certain applied voltage, when the light is not irradiated when the flowing current is called dark current. Applied voltage and dark current ratio as the dark resistance.
● Sensitivity: Sensitivity is irradiated by light sensitive resistor, the resistance value (dark resistance) when irradiated with light Resistance value (light resistance) the relative change in values. 
● Volt-ampere characteristic curve: Voltage characteristic curves are used to describe the resistance of the applied voltage and the photosensitive photocurrent relationship,On the photosensitive devices, the light current with applied voltage increases. 
● Temperature coefficient: Photoelectric effect photoresistor affected by temperature, at a low temperature portion photoresistor photoelectric Sensitive high sensitivity at high temperatures is low. 
● Rated power: Photosensitive resistor rated power is allowed for certain lines in the power consumed when the temperature rise High, its power consumption is reduced. 

Pins Map

  • S    : Analog Output
  • Mid : Supply ( 5V )
  •   -   : Ground

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Keyes Photoresistor Sensor

Keyes Photoresistor Sensor

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