GP2Y0A41SK0F 4-30cm Infrared Distance Sensor


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GP2Y0A41SK0F is a distance measuring sensor unit, composed of an integrated combination of PSD (position sensitive detector) , IR-LED (infrared emitting diode) and signal processing circuit.The variety of the reflectivity of the object, the environmental temperature and the operating duration are not influenced easily to the distance detection because of adopting the triangulation method.This device outputs the voltage corresponding to the detection distance. So this sensor can also be used as a proximity sensor.The Sharp distance sensors are a popular choice for many projects that require accurate distance measurements. This IR sensor is more economical than sonar rangefinders, yet it provides much better performance than other IR alternatives. Interfacing to most microcontrollers is straightforward: the single analog output can be connected to an analog-to-digital converter for taking distance measurements, or the output can be connected to a comparator for threshold detection. The detection range of this version is approximately 4 cm to 30 cm (1.5″ to 12″).


  • Distance measuring sensor is united with PSD, infrared LED and signal processing circuit
  • Short measuring cycle (16.5ms)
  • Distance measuring range : 4 to 30 cm
  • Package size (29.5 × 13.0 × 13.5mm)
  • Analog output type


  • Operating voltage: 4.5 V to 5.5 V
  • Average current consumption: 12 mA (note: this sensor draws current in large, short bursts, and the manufacturer recommends putting a 10 µF capacitor or larger across power and ground close to the sensor to stabilize the power supply line)
  • Distance measuring range: 4 cm to 30 cm (1.5″ to 12″)
  • Output type: analog voltage
  • Output voltage differential over distance range: 2.3 V (typical)
  • Update period: 16.5 ± 4 ms
  • Size: 44.5 mm × 18.9 mm × 13.5 mm (1.75″ × 0.75″ × 0.53″)
  • Weight: 3.5 g (0.12 oz)


  • Cleaning robot
  • Personal robot 
  • Sanitary


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GP2Y0A41SK0F 4-30cm Infrared Distance Sensor

GP2Y0A41SK0F 4-30cm Infrared Distance Sensor

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