Reed Switch Sensor 2*14mm White


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Small single-contact reed switch designed for general control of low-level loads less than 24 V. The reed contacts are sealed within the glass tube within inert gas to maintain contact reliability.


  • Reed contacts are hermetically sealed within a glass tube with inert gas and do not receive any influence from the external atmospheric environment.
  • Quick response
  • The structure comprises the operating parts and electrical circuits arranged coaxially. Reed switches are suited to applications in radio frequency operation.
  • Reed switches are compact and light weight.
  • Superior corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the contacts assures stable switching operation and long life.
  • With a permanent magnet installed, reed switches economically and easily become proximity switches. 


  • Automotive electronic devices
  • Control equipment
  • Communication equipment
  • Measurement equipment
  • Household appliances 

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Reed Switch Sensor 2*14mm White

Reed Switch Sensor 2*14mm White

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